Chippenham Half Marshal Instructions 2016

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A PDF version of these instructions for printing can be downloaded here

A list of allocation of people to marshal teams can be found here

Firstly, many thanks for offering to help with this year’s Chippenham Half Marathon. The event is known for its excellent organisation and marshals. Therefore help us maintain that reputation by giving the runners lots of encouragement, clapping and cheering!

This page will hopefully provide you with all the information you might need on the day, however you will be allocated to a team with a lead marshal who should be able to answer any questions and will give you further instructions on the day. For information on marshal teams please see here. On the day If you are a marshal out on the course then we ask you to report to the old covered market area of the  Bath Road Road, car park just of the Bridge Centre roundabout for 8:00am. A map to the location of the car park can be found here (Car Park Marshals are to meet by the entrance to the School Fields at 6:45am).  

Here you will be placed into a marshal team with your lead marshal, given a marshal bib, space blanket, and bin bags and will be briefed by the Chief Marshal. Please make sure these are returned to your lead marshal at the end of the race. We are asking all marshals as far as possible to come on bicycles. Most of the teams will marshal at two points on the course so this will allow them to easily move around the course and help to reduce the number of cars on the course. If you have to use a car please offer to car share with other marshals in your team. You are likely to be out on the course for a few hours so please come prepared. Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. We would suggest you bring the following:

  • Mobile phone
  • High-viz jacket if you have one (we should have enough bibs, but just in case)
  • Rain coat/ jacket
  • Water proof trousers (if forecast is wet!)
  • Jumper
  • Bicycle pump/ puncture repair kit
  • Bottle of drink/ water
  • Some snacks
  • Possibly some jelly babies for the runners

The Race

The race will start at 9:30am and all marshals should be in their first position by 9:15am at the latest. There will be a lead police bike, please do not presume they know the route and please direct them accordingly. There will also be lead cyclists with the lead runners, these should know the route.

There will be a sweep marshal (Nick Pollestrone) with the last runner, once they have gone past then your lead marshal will move you onto the next point or relieve you.

Please help us keep the course clean by picking up rubbish as you go.  It helps if each marshal goes back up the course to the previous marshal to check for any rubbish. After you have be relieved by the lead marshal then please feel free to make your way to the Sports and Social Club to cheer in the final runners, pick up a goody bag and some well earned refreshments.

Road Closures and dealing with motorists

9:00am to 10:15am – Bristol Road (A420) will be closed to all through traffic from the Folly roundabout at the junction with Hardenhuish Lane to the junction with Woodlands Road.

At 9:30am all of Bristol Road, Park Lane, New Road, The Causeway and London Road to the junction with Pewsham Way will be closed just before the race starts and will be reopened as soon as the runners have passed through and it is safe to do so.

Stanley Lane and the route through the villages of Tytherton Lucas, East Tytherton, Avon and Langley Burrell will be open to traffic at all times. However, large numbers of runners will be on this part of the course from about 10:00am until 12:00pm so traffic will be asked to wait until it is safe to proceed. Drivers have been asked to avoid this area and use an alternative route if possible.

Runners will be crossing Swindon Road (B4069) where Hill Corner Road joins it from about 10:15am until about 12.30pm. Traffic will be asked to wait until there is a safe gap in the runners crossing the road before proceeding.

10:15am to 1.00pm – Hill Corner Road, from the junction with Swindon Road (B4069 – Pew Hill) to the junction with Malmesbury Road (B4158), will be closed to all through traffic. An alternative route is available via New Road, Marshfield Road and Bristol Road

10:20am to 1:00pm – Malmesbury Road (B4158), from the junction with Hardenhuish Lane to the junction with Park Lane and Langley Road, will be closed to all through traffic. An alternative route is available via New Road, Marshfield Road and Bristol Road.

Please note access for residents will be available but drivers may be asked to wait until it is safe to proceed.

As indicated, not all of the roads are closed, please politely ask drivers to wait or to avoid going onto the route and try and assist them by advising on an alternative route, course maps are enclosed. However, if they are a local resident have to drive on the course then try and assist them to get where they need to as safely as possible. If you find yourself dealing with a stroppy motorist try not to be confrontational, remain polite and try and explain that the event raises lots of money for charity and we hope to have them on their way as soon as possible.

There have been warning signs up on all the main routes into Chippenham for the last few weeks indicating that delays would be possible. Often the offer of a sweet can defuse a situation.

If you feel threatened then call for support from your lead marshal and if necessary call the police. Remember the vast majority of people are very supportive of the event and therefore do not take to heart should you find yourself dealing with a stroppy motorist! Let’s hope they never need the help of one of the excellent charities we support. This year’s main charity is Dorothy House Hospice we will be making further donations to local based charities after the event. In previous years we have raised several thousands of £ for charity.

Water Stations

There are water stations located approximately every 3-4 miles at Stanley Lane, East Tytherton, Kellways, Wavin and the finish area.

First Aid and Emergencies

We hope the event will go well and there will be no emergencies, however as with all sports running does carry its risks. We do have first aid cover provided by Saint John’s Ambulance.

Should you find yourself dealing with an emergency then if it is serious as always please call 999 and get an ambulance on the way!

Then please notify the lead marshal and call for the nearest Saint John’s Ambulance and first aider. Please make sure that you or your lead marshal notifies the Race Director and Lead Marshal.  Please give us location, their race number etc and if possible ask the runner for details of anybody waiting for them at the finish. Course Route Please note that runners run in an anti-clockwise.

Further Information It might be helpful for Marshals to familiarize themselves with the information on the Chippenham Half Marathon website.

Marshal Maps

Below are copies of the various Marshal Maps: