Honorary Lifetime Members

During the history of the Chippenham Harriers a large number of individuals have made significant contributions to the club. Sometimes this has been on the committee and other times just doing all the stuff that the rest of us take for granted. To make a large club function requires a lot of work from a lot of individuals and many sacrifices. For all these people we are eternally grateful and you all make the Harriers the club it is today and has been over the last 40 years!

Very occasionally one of our members is honoured with a Lifetime Membership. Now these cannot be given to many as they come with a cost. For these honorary members, that cost is fully justified by the long-lasting contributions they have made to the broader club, and running in Chippenham.

Here we identify those with Honorary Lifetime Membership, in no particular order:

  • Mandy Peoples
  • David Woodman
  • Chris Constable
  • Richard Schofield

As many in the club are new, or do not know some of the history of our esteemed members, here is a little summary of each, kindly provided by Chris.

Dave Woodman was made a lifetime member because of his efforts with organizing or helping out with the races the club held each year ie The Chippenham 10, his activity on the club committee etc.

He also promoted the club vigorously in his role as owner of the Wessex Runner running equipment shop, he was very influential within all of the local military bases who used his shop for their running kit prior to their eventual closing down. Several very fast athletes became members of the club due to his influence and this made the harriers a force to be reckoned with at races, especially with the team events, both nationally and locally.

During the 80s running boom Dave recruited several members for the Harriers from the customers who used his running shop for their kit and were considering joining a running club

He was also very supportive of the women members especially at races. In essence he was Mr Chippenham Harriers, he was the face of the Harriers.


Mandy Peoples was made a lifetime member based on her long stint as the club treasurer and committee member.

Mandy also was very active in helping out at race timekeeping / results compiling / records etc. She did this for a very long time.


Chris Constable has been with the club for a very long time, whilst being actively and consistently involved with race and club organization ( along with my late wife Sue who was also very active within the club) from the early days. Chris continues to provide support and time to help organise and marshal the Harriers annual events, especially the famous Slaughterford 9.

Chris was also on the committee in various roles for quite a few years, but avoided the inevitable stresses of being chairman.

Chris started, organized and coached the Junior squad ( On his own ) taking them to Gwent and Avalon League Cross country races plus various track meetings for the sprinters in the youth team.

Chris is a Level 2 Club Coach, a qualification which he still holds.

Richard Schofield – will provide a write up shortly