The Green Harriers

Mission statement:

 “through small steps, leave a smaller footprint”

Who are we?

We are a small group of Chippenham Harrier members who form a small sub-committee focussed on supporting the running club to minimise its impact on our environment. All members are runners, with a reason, possibly personal to themselves about why they feel the need to take action in our sport. We meet and work together virtually to formulate and deliver on actions to help the Chippenham Harriers be the greenest running club it can be.

If you are a Chippenham Harrier, and are keen to join our sub-committee and get involved, click here


The Chippenham Harriers believe that running is not only a powerful tool for personal fitness and well-being, but also a means to connect with and protect the environment we cherish. We are dedicated to promoting a more environmentally conscious approach to running and fostering a sense of responsibility towards our natural surroundings.

Our mission is to inspire and empower our members to make a positive impact on the environment through sustainable practices, conservation efforts, and mindful choices. We aim to create a running community that recognises the interconnectedness between our actions and the health of our planet.

Through our commitment to environmental consciousness, we strive to:

  1. Promote eco-friendly practices: We encourage our members to adopt sustainable habits in their running routines and daily lives. By promoting the use of reusable water bottles, eco-friendly apparel, and sustainable transportation options, we aim to reduce waste, minimise carbon footprint, and preserve natural resources.
  2. Lead by example: As a running club, we recognise the significance of setting a positive example for others. We strive to be a model of sustainability by working towards organising carbon-neutral races, minimising waste at our events, and partnering with eco-conscious businesses. By leading by example, we inspire other running clubs and the broader community to embrace environmentally responsible practices.
  3. Preserve and protect local ecosystems: We actively engage in activities that contribute to the preservation and restoration of our natural habitats. Through organised clean-up events, tree planting initiatives, and partnerships with local environmental organisations, we seek to ensure the longevity and health of our local ecosystems.
  4. Cultivate a sense of stewardship: We aim to instil a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship among our members. By fostering a connection to nature and promoting outdoor activities that celebrate our environment, we encourage our runners to value and protect the natural world for generations to come.

Through our collective efforts, Chippenham Harriers seeks to redefine how a running club should view its responsibilities to the planet, by integrating environmental consciousness into the core of our activities. Together, we can make a difference, one stride at a time, towards a healthier, greener, and more sustainable future.

Our current green agenda actions

Race Directors Checklist - Design our events to be green 90%
Run/walk litter picks 90%
Club kit buy back scheme (TBC) 90%

How can I be a greener Harrier?

Check back in this space for ideas/links to initiatives/kit/considerations to help you run more green

What have we been up to?

Check back in this space to see updates on actions the Green Harriers have undertaken. Also follow our social feeds for postings of our actions and celebrations. Facebook and Instagram

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