Club Champions – Roll of Honour

List of Club Championships Winners 2022 onwards

Year Open Female Open Masters* Female Masters*
2023 tba tba tba tba
2022 Jake Stephens Julie Bean Krist Noonan Julie Bean

*From 2022 onwards the WAVA Championship is replaced with the Masters Championship. This is eligible to runners aged 40+. The race finish times are calculated using the WMA published factor tables available at the start of the year of the championship.

List of Open Championship Winners pre 2022

Year Male Open Female Open Male Wava* Female Wava*
2021 (mini) Jake Stephens Michelle Maxwell Jake Stephens Michelle Maxwell
2020 cancelled cancelled cancelled cancelled
2019 Alwyn Royall Julie Trudgeon Alwyn Royall Julie Trudgeon
2018 Alwyn Royall

Emma Hines

Alwyn Royall Juliet Hatt
2017 Tom Allen Debbie Jones Alwyn Royall Emma Hines
2016 Paul Gardiner Sara Alvis John Crane Helen Gibbs
2015 Peter Cusick Debbie Jones Peter Cusick Julie Trudgeon
2014 Bart Thomas Caroline Blake Gary Dunstone Sue Stewart-Tanner
2013 Gary Dunstone Sue Stewart-Tanner Gary Dunstone Sue Stewart-Tanner
2012 Michael Bright Michelle Maxwell Tom Smith Sue Stewart-Tanner
2011 Peter Cusick Michelle Maxwell Peter Cusick Michelle Maxwell
2010 Andrew Bennetts Debbie Jones Paul Dodd Joc Dodd
2009 Andrew Bennetts Debbie Jones Paul Dodd Joc Dodd
2008 Paul Dodd Debbie Jones Paul Dodd Joc Dodd
2007 Peter Cusick Melanie Blackman Paul Dodd Joc Dodd
2006 Paul Dodd Melanie Blackman Paul Dodd Joc Dodd
2005 Paul Dodd Debbie Jones    
2004 Dave MacDonald Mandy Thorpe    
2003 Mark Clayton Melanie Blackman    

* WAVA included all runners, with time adjusted according to Age by using the appropriate WAVA published factoring. From 2022 this was updated to WMA (World Masters Athletics) factoring.