Health and Safety

Our Accident Report Form can be found by clicking here.

Club Insurance

The rules we, as a club, enforce regarding insurance are as follows. If you have any further questions regarding  insurance, please get in touch.

  • If you are a paid-up member, your membership fees cover the cost of insurance and therefore you are fully insured while taking part in official club activities.
  • If you are not a paid-up member and you join in with official club training sessions, you are considered to be running with the Chippenham Harriers as a guest. In this case, you are not insured and you run at your own risk.
  • Whether you are a paid-up member or not, you are not insured when you run outside of an official club session, neither Chippenham Harriers nor England Athletics are responsible for individual training sessions and has no responsibility towards them.
  • ‘Official club activities’ means training sessions, competitions, administrative meetings, social events and fundraising activities organised by the club.
  • ‘Training sessions’ means Monday Physical Preparation, Tuesday Effort sessions, Wednesday Youth sessions, Thursday Social Runs and Friday Pack Runs/Beginners sessions.
  • Chippenham Harriers is unrelated to any training sessions organised externally, outside of its remit.

High Visibility Vests

We consider safety to be paramount and therefore have rules about the wearing of high visibility vests. As a non-profit making club, we have a legal obligation to enforce these rules.

  • It is vital that at all times all members wear a high visibility vest when running out on the streets regardless of the time of year.
  • We are lucky to have permission from Sheldon school to use their school fields. If the activity for that session is confined to the school grounds or the sports dome then the rule is relaxed.
  • If the activity for that session involves a run outside the school grounds or dome then any member without a high visibility vest will not be allowed to join in and will be expected to wait in the gym.
  • The club does carry a small amount of spare vests but these are reserved for new members turning up at club for the first couple of sessions.

Personal Identification Tags

These are worn on the laces of your trainers.  They are waterproof and light so do not affect your running performance. On one side is the ICE tags logo and on the other your chosen emergency contacts and medical information. However if you are someone who regularly switches trainers you would need to remember to move the tag over.  Visit for more information