Club Championship

Each year we run two separate championships: an ‘Open’ Championship and an ‘Age-Graded’ Championship. There are separate male and female categories in each. Every fully paid up member who runs in a championship race will be awarded points in both Championships automatically.

How does the Club Championship work?

Members can opt out of the Championship and their times and positions will also not be published on the club website or forum. Please inform our Club Championship Administrator, Paul Gardiner, if you would like to opt out.

The Club Championship has a number of nominated races. Members will score up to 20 points for each event as follows: 20 points for 1st place, 19 for 2nd… down to a minimum of 5 points, so everyone that takes part gets at least 5 points. Positions in each race in the Age-Graded Championship will be based on the 2006 WAVA database.

As well as the nominated races, there are also ‘Best Marathon’, ‘Best Half Marathon’ and ‘Best Lacock Relay’ categories. You can do as many of these events as you like, though your best time decides your Championship points. The positions and points given for these will therefore change throughout the year and the Administrator will update these on a regular basis. If you do not see your time appear on the results, it is up to you to ensure that the Administrator knows. Any results not submitted by the end of December will not count towards the Championship.

You may do as many of the Championship events as you like, though it is your ten best results which count.

  • Only races completed whilst a paid up member will be eligible (so races run before joining or when membership subs were unpaid, will not count).
  • You also need to be entered as a Chippenham Harrier to earn points in the Championship. Members who enter under their second claim club will not be awarded points.
  • In the case of a tie, final Championship positions will be decided on the basis of those events in which the tied runners both competed; if still a tie, the member with the most/highest finish position(s) will prevail.
  • Any disputes will be settled by the Administrator, whose decision will be final.