The Club Championships 2023

The Races

The Chippenham Harriers 2023 Club Championships will begin soon and we are happy to announce the races and format. Points for next year’s Open & Masters Club Championships will be awarded up to and including the 31st October.
As ever we have a competition to encourage support of local events and a little exploring…

Race #1 Your Best Park Run Time in CHIPPENHAM and 

Race #2 Your Best Park Run Time from anywhere else (around the COUNTRY or the WORLD) 

Race #3 Your Best Half Marathon Time ANYWHERE (official races only) 

Race #4 Best Lacock Relay Time 

Race #5 Best Winter Time Trial Time 

Race #6 Best One Mile Time Trial Time 

Race #7 Best Summer Time Trial Time 

Race #8 Best National Trust Avebury 10k Time 

Race #9 Best time in Headington 5k Series 2023

Race #10 Lungbuster 2023

Race #11 Smart Smasher 2023 

Race #12 the 1st Off Road League Race when announced 

Race#13 10 BONUS Points for marshalling TWO out of the following THREE Races. Your name must be allocated on the marshal list to count: 
  • Slaughterford 9 2023
  • River Run 2023
  • Chippenham Half Marathon 2023


For parkrun, please can you all ensure you are registered as Chippenham Harriers. This will mean we can pick up the timings more easily and promote our club. Otherwise, send the location/date and your name to

Best Half Marathon



Rules are published on the website and can be found from the menu under Club Championships, in summary there will be the usual two categories (with slight adjustment) and the two age adjusted categories.


Points will be based on relative position in each race amongst fellow club members starting at 30 points for 1st, down to no less than 5 points for finishing. Points are accumulated for each race and assuming you complete all races the worst two scores will be dropped. So you do not have to enter all races to get maximum points.


If you do not wish to be in the Championship for any reason, please message me or contact the committee. You will need to be a paid club member at the end of the season to be eligible for a prize.
We look forward to seeing you all at the races! (and parkrun)

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