Becoming a Volunteer at Chippenham Harriers Youth

The club could not survive without the help of volunteers. Chippenham Harriers Youth is a community based non-profit making organisation which relies heavily on the help offered by its volunteers. Our volunteers are indispensable.

You don’t need to be an athlete to become a volunteer, everybody can help. Here are some, but not all, of the things you can expect to do to as a volunteer:

If you enjoy running:

  • Accompany athletes during endurance runs
  • Make up the numbers for relays etc where short
  • Assist in warm-ups and cool downs
  • Assist in demonstrating drill techniques

If you don’t enjoy running:

  • Marshall athletes at relay stations
  • Set out markers and cones
  • Assist with recording athletes’ times
  • Hand out leaflets at registration
  • Assist during indoor circuit session
  • Assist with occasional administrative duties, such as collecting money

Essential information everyone needs to know:

  • Every session has a qualified first aider on duty and the main first aid kit is always available from the Sports Dome.
  • Mini-first aid kits in the form of a hip-bag need to be used when groups are outside the Sports Dome. These kits comprise an ice pack (which needs to be firmly squeezed to activate), a space blanket (a foil wrap used to keep a casualty warm) and an envelope containing all athletes emergency contact numbers together with contact details of group leaders.

The volunteer system works on a rota basis. The idea is that wherever possible you let us know when you are available for as far ahead as you can and you will appear on that list for the dates you provide.

If you are happy to give up a couple of hours a month at your convenience or more if you want to, then please send an email to or speak to one of the coaches on a Wednesday evening.