Slaughterford 9: A note from the Race Director

Kelly Wariner Old News

With 395 runners safely crossing the finish line 2018 saw our largest number of participants finish the race. This was due to opening up extra spaces from the waiting list in the last week in the hope that we would get our normal drop out rate and make some additional funds.  Thankfully the law of statistics worked otherwise I might have ended up in hot water with a race capacity of 400!!

Speaking of water, there was plenty I hear and by the look on peoples faces and the state of their legs when they finished, Slaughterford didn’t disappoint!

No serious injuries and lots of happy, smiling muddy faces but above all our biggest achievement has to be getting runner number 488 home! After starting 10 minutes late, stating he knew the way, he missed the marshals as they had come back to base to warm up. Subsequently he then seemed to run to Chipping Sodbury!!! Oh well, note to self, start the race on time!

Congratulations to those Harriers that raced for our club and also turned up to do their bit marshalling – its always great to support “your own” on the way round and it gave me a huge sense of pride presenting our fabulous ladies team with the team prize. Well done to Julia Maddocks, Anna Gardiner, Emma Hines and Sandra Mylchreest and an additional well done to Emma Hines who won the 2nd V45 ladies category prize.

The feedback from our fellow town clubs has been very positive again and I have received many emails thanking the fabulous marshals out on the course for the encouragement and support. We say it all the time but this race could not happen without you all!  Each and every one one of you that showed up played your part and Chris and I can’t thank you enough.

We hoped you appreciated the return of Wiggy’s famous bacon butties and teas for the marshals after a 2 year break! I managed to squeeze in 2 whilst everyone was running round the countryside!

So whats next… Chippenham 5 mile run and you never know maybe one day Chris and I  will race Slaughterford ourselves and earn a T shirt! Speaking of which, next year I am doing buffs!

Sarah Ellis, Slaughterford 9 Race Director