Club Championships


In 2018, four separate components formed the Club Championships, as shown below. Awards will be given for these at the Club AGM in March 2019.

1. Road Club Championship: including all 10 races in the Wiltshire Road Race League.

2. Best Combined Time: this consists of Best 5k, Best 10k, Best Half Marathon and Best Marathon. You can do as many of these events as you like and can submit any 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon of your choice. Please note it is your responsibility to submit your race results to be in the running for this award. Email Gerard Howells via .

3. Off-Road Club Championship: including all 6 races in the Wiltshire Off-Road Race League.

4. Cross Country Championship: to be formed of the Gloucester League XC, County XC and South West XC.



In 2019, we have a new Club Championship coming your way, which is newly designed to ensure races are accessible to all runners in the club, from beginner to high level. All the races included are organised by local clubs.

  • Rodway Easy Runner 10k – 10th March (Emersons Green)
  • 5×5 Relays(Best of the series) – first Thursday of the month from April to July (AVR)
  • Easy Runner 5k (Best of the series) – 9th May, 6th June, 18th July, 8th August (Bitton Road Runners)
  • Lacock Relays(Best of the series) – last Tuesday of the month from May to August (Chippenham Harriers)
  • Compton Bassett 5– 7th July (Calne Running Club)
  • Hazelbury Hurrah– 12th July (Corsham Running Club)
  • Bustard 5– August (date TBC) (Pewsey Vale Running Club)

There are potentially one or two additional races to be included during the autumn, which we’ll confirm in due course. Also included in the 2019 Championship are Best 5k, Best 10k, Best Half Marathon and Best Marathon. Members will need to submit their best race results of the year for these categories, again by emailing .

Only races completed whilst a paid up member will be eligible (so races run before joining or when membership subs were unpaid, will not count). You also need to be entered as a Chippenham Harrier, not a second claim club, to earn points in the Championships.